We provide a wide variety of relocation consulting services, including the following:

Relocation Policy Design
Our approach to relocation policy design is tailor-made for each client. Our expertise assists corporations increase transfer-acceptance rates, reduce mobility costs, or achieve the delicate balance between both these objectives. A relocation policy audit highlights gaps in coverage, focuses on potential deterrents to successful transfers and identifies areas where costs can be reduced. We identify strategic options and provide creative, cost-effective solutions to relocation issues. [Back to Top]

ValueTrack™ Benchmarking System
ValueTrack™ is our unique proprietary benchmarking tool, which quantifies the value of corporate relocation policies and their components using client-specific transfer scenarios. This tool is used in the analysis of best practices and in the costing of policy design changes and comparison of strategic options. ValueTrack™ helps corporations evaluate in precise quantitative terms how well their policy measures up to other comparable firms. [Back to Top]

Cross-Border and International Relocation
We provide corporations with a multi-faceted consulting approach to cross-border and international relocation policy design, including areas such as compensation, benefits and pension management, taxation, and immigration. [Back to Top]

PolicyView™ Relocation Policy Evaluation Program
We assist corporations in evaluating relocation policy efficiency. Using PolicyView™, another proprietary quantitative evaluation tool, we measure cost effectiveness, employee satisfaction and overall service delivery effectiveness on the part of the corporation. This flexible evaluation program can also include employee satisfaction surveys and focus groups. The results of the PolicyView™ are then interpreted as part of the policy design process. [Back to Top]

Supplier Management – Request For Proposals
As an independent consulting firm, we are in an ideal position to design, administer RFP’s and to evaluate proposals from the various services providers in the relocation industry, using a rigorous qualitative and quantitative methodology that is adaptable to each client’s requirements. We assess the supplier’s total revenue stream obtained because of the corporation’s relocation activity as well as the net fees to ensure total disclosure and transparency. We facilitate the implementation of new policies, processes and performance standards, ensuring a smooth transition and resulting in a top quality, turn-key approach to corporate-supplier partnerships. [Back to Top]

Service and Fee Audits
By having service and fees audited by Ward O'Farrell Consultants, corporations can ensure that their suppliers are meeting all contractual obligations. We assess whether each service invoiced was required and actually provided and determine the fees or costs that should be associated with each service, as determined by the contract, sub contract, household goods moving tariffs or other fee structures. We contrast contractual fees with actual fees or costs and identify the gaps. In the case of the moving of household goods, this includes a further audit of each charge identified on the moving company's invoice as compared to the tariff, thorough verification of weigh scale tickets, bills of lading, inventory sheets, etc. to determine if the relocation company correctly audited and paid the said invoices. We recommend an action plan for correcting specific files, for improving accuracy in invoicing in the future, for ensuring proper verification of sub-contractor invoices including, but not limited to, the moving of household goods. [Back to Top]

Service Quality Survey
Our web-based relocation service quality survey allows corporations to measure the quality of the various services provided to their relocating employees and assess the degree to which suppliers have met their key performance indicators and service level agreements. This survey, independent of surveys conducted directly by the suppliers, and our analysis of the results, provides objective, measurable and actionable recommendations for improvement. The client’s specific results are also compared with national data to determine the service areas that deviate from service norms. [Back to Top]

Outsourcing Feasibility
We assess the feasibility and the business case for outsourcing services. We identify the level of service desired, the expertise required and where it can be obtained, the internal / external cost comparisons, the impact of fluctuating volumes of transfers on the services rendered and the staffing issues that will ensue from various strategic options. [Back to Top]

Process Improvement
We assist corporations in streamlining relocation processes, both internally and externally, with a view to reducing timelines, minimizing costs and ensuring an efficient process for all stakeholders. [Back to Top]

Simplification of Moving Tariffs
The trend in move management is towards the simplification of tariffs and invoicing processes. We pioneered the simplification of tariffs, reducing complex 50-page tariffs to 3 pages, carving out many ancillary charges and resulting in a simpler, truly auditable invoicing process.

We have assisted many corporations in reducing their moving costs by 15 to 40%, which represents a significant portion of total relocation costs, and in ensuring consistently high levels of service monitored through well-defined performance metrics. In addition, a simplified approach to pricing and invoicing has resulted in additional savings for corporations through decreased internal administration when managed in-house, reduced fees from relocation companies when out-sourced, and lower costs for the movers which can be passed on to corporations. [Back to Top]

While design is essential to a successful relocation policy, effective communication to employees is key. We have extensive experience in preparing relocation media that present the policy in clear and user-friendly terms to employees. [Back to Top]