Articles & Presentations


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Linda Ward O’Farrell interviewed for: How do you turn challenges into opportunities in a tight economy, Perspectives VOX POP – Fall 2009, Vol. 5, Issue 3

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Linda Ward O’Farrell interviewed for: A Passionate Professional, Perspectives 2007

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Linda Ward O’Farrell, Memorable Moments. Perspectives – 2007 20th Anniversary Edition

Can Relocation Policies Stand the Test of Time? Perspectives – 2007

Quoted in Articles

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Get Off on the Right Foot – Implementing a New Supplier Agreement - CERC Annual Conference – Montreal 2010

The Continuous Improvement Cycle – The CN Experience – CERC Annual Conference - Ottawa 2009 – Workshop

Corporate Relocation Policy for Tough Time – Modifications to Domestic Policy – CERC Annual Conference – Ottawa 2009

Optimizing Service Provider Partnerships – CERC Annual Conference – Vancouver 2008 – Workshop

Designing an International Assignment Program – CERC Annual Conference – Vancouver 2008

Cross-Border Relocation: Emerging Issues - Challenges or Opportunities? – CERC Central Region Session - November 27, 2007

How Can Employers Attract Labour from US to Canada - AMCHAM June 22, 2006

International Policy Design: Should you adopt a Canadian Centric or Global Approach – CERC Annual Conference – Niagara Falls 2005 & ORC Canadian Roundtable Halifax –March 3, 2005

RFP Process Improvement Initiative – CERC Eastern & Central Regions Sessions – February 2005