First, our independence allows us to provide credible and impartial advice to our corporate clients.

Based on an intimate understanding of the needs of corporations and industry best practices, we offer a variety of relocation consulting services. We have also developed specific quantitative tools designed to assist firms in measuring the effectiveness of their relocation policies.

Using unique quantitative evaluation tools for previously difficult-to-measure elements allows us to provide a solid basis for future policy design and implementation.

Finally, we approach relocation as a strategic lever in a company's human resources tool kit - a means of ensuring the development and deployment of people to attain its business objectives. We consider relocation as an integral part of human resources strategy.


Our primary objective is to help corporations maximize the effectiveness of their relocation policies and service delivery while containing costs and ensuring that the disruption of relocation is minimized both for the company and its employees. We defend the best interests of corporations in their relationships with various relocation suppliers through effective relocation policy evaluation, design and implementation. As an extension of corporate management, we enable clients to reach their relocation goals by sharing our top level experience and expertise.